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Public Recipes


There are two types of pages here: Member Pages, and Public Pages.

Member Pages

Member pages are for official Wiki Recipe Club (WRC) Members.
Anyone who signs up for the newsletter is an official WRC Member.
In addition to free software, cookbooks, and newsletters, members have full access to the complete content of Wiki Recipe Club.

Pubic Pages

The Public Recipe Area are where we keep the classic work-in-process recipes. --All of the most recent additions to the club. Numbering over 200,000 cooking ideas, most recipes are perfect... but a few of these submissions might still need a little more work.

Editing Recipes

In order to edit these recipes, you will need to join our private club. Members can edit these recipes once they have the club password.

The Recent Changes and History links on each page tracks whenever a change has been made to any page(s). So each recipe has the ability to quickly revert back to a previous version. To remove an edit, simply find the version you want to restore in the page History, then press Revert.

Of course, being able to self-police this site means that the more folks who come here, the better our site will be.

Editing requests include:

  1. Paragraph Flow: The instructions on some recipes can be made more readable by simply adding paragraphs.
  2. Recipe Categorization: More than one category can be specified. Many recipes still need a basic categorization.
  3. Bad Recipe Detection: A very few recipes are incomplete. We should either complete, or delete them.
  4. General Police Work: One nut case can do a lot of damage short-term to a wiki! If we want to keep the site
open (no passwords, etc.), then we all need to become familiar with how to keep track of Recent Changes to the recipes.
The power is truly ours to make WRC as good as we want it to be. Tell a friend!

GBU Recipe Voting

At the end of each recipe page, WRC also has a quick way to record what we think about each recipe. While the voting prompts can vary, the order of each button at the bottom of any recipe will record what we think of a recipe. By page position, recipe can either be GOOD, BAD, or UGLY:
  1. A GOOD RECIPE is one that we would like to have in our own recipe box.
  2. A BAD RECIPE is the opposite of a GOOD RECIPE
  3. An UGLY RECIPE is a recipe that needs editing, or perhaps deleted.

Getting Started

All good things start with searching the recipes. To get started, click on Search Recipes (also located on the right), enter what you are looking for, then press the Search button. Remember: Since you are searching tens of thousands of recipes, the more search-words you provide, the faster - and better your search results will be!
Page last modified on July 13, 2015, at 01:17 PM

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