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Club Notes

Site Status: This site is now public!

(i.e. Everyone else can get to the Wiki -The Main Page is linked.)
  • All public recipes have been uploaded.
  • Private recipes will be uploaded some time in 2011.

Phase V - On-going Enhancement (2011-01-14)

  • (2011-04-06) New logo & general site beautification
  • (2011-03-04) Wrote the free monthly PDF & EzGourmet Cookbook give-away services
  • (2011-02-12) Added the ability to search all public recipes
  • (2011-02-12) Copied the original recipe service from to WRC. Wiki linked then pub retired.
  • (2011-01-14) Added the "Just For Fun" Random Quote
  • (2011-01-14) Added the "Just For Fun" Daily Crumpet

Phase IV - Core Feature Assurance (2011-01-08)

  • Final recipe check.
  • Cover pages created & uploaded.
  • Indexing request submitted to Google.
  • Link to public area placed on main site.
  • Re-uploaded recipes that went AWOL during the 5-day robot-upload over the holidays.

Phase III - Implementation (2010-12-19 - 2010-12-24)

  • Updated the Recipe Robot to create a more interesting Wiki Recipe default.
  • The automatic upload of 218,000+ recipes finished on 2010-12-23.
  • Sent out pre-release notifications to Club EzGourmet Members.

Phase II - Community, Publicity, & Governance (2010-12-15)

  • Created and distributed press release.
  • Posted on Facebook & elsewhere.

Phase I - Research (2010-12-01 - 2010-12-13)

  • Researched Wiki Formats.
  • Secured hosting & registered site name.
  • Created a new Recipe Robot to "fast upload" content to above.
  • Set-up local server to test mass-upload capability.
  • Conversion of legacy recipes (108,000) to Wiki Recipe format.
  • Added 100,000 new recipes to legacy recipe base - still have 50,000 MIA.
  • Decided to publish the 200,000 'poorly edited recipes' (above) for use by the public.
  • Decided to publish the 250,000, yet-unseen, 'perfect recipes' for use by members-only.
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