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Common Questions

Common Questions

With a name like Wiki Recipe Club, there are bound to be some quesitons?

The first one is often:

What is a Wiki?

A Wiki is a place to share ideas. Wiki Recipe Club is an exciting way to work together on our recipe collections.

How Many Recipes?

So far we have collected over 500,000 recipes. Of those recipes, 270,000 are now part of our Public Wiki Recipe Pages.

Any Other Recipe Projects?

WRC is home to several projects:

  1. The first project is the Public Recipe Box.

  2. Another popular project is our Free PDF Cookbook of-the-month.

  3. Our President offers EzGourmet, his Free Cookbook Software from Soft9000.com.

  4. EzGourmet also offers a Free Electronic Cookbook every month here, as well.

  5. A lot of folks are getting rich via our Free Affiliate Program. Sales commisions are as high as 50%!

  6. In the works we have the WRC Recipe Desktop and the WRC Android Application. More information comming soon!

  7. Finally, don't forget to sign up for the Free Club Newsletter. (If you don't want to share your main email account, get a free email account from Google!)

All this, and more, is growing into what we hope will become your best source for community-maintained recipes. Feel free to join the club!

Why The Club?

Only Club Newsletter Subscribers will be notified of free cookbooks, software, and other exclusive Wiki Recipe Club offers via email. Other give-aways, such as our free PDF Cookbooks, are automatically updated.

How Can I Join?

Simply click here.

Wiki Recipe Club (WRC) content is copyrighted. Any content or products downloaded from the Wiki Recipe Club cannot be sold, bartered, or personally exchanged without permission. We encourage you to share links to the on-line portions of this website on Facebook & elsewhere.