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Site Mission

The mission of this portion of the Soft9000.com web site is to support our recipe friends while Cookpedia.com is being updated. Toward that end, here are our classic cooking software productions:
  • Back by popular demand, here are the on-line recipes. -Don't forget to support our club sponsors!
  • Who says you can't take them with you? You can be inspired by these recipes on everything from your smart phone to your iPad... and everything in-between! Here are our PDF Cookbooks.
  • The original Cookbook Management System (CMS) is available in both a free and a professional version. Here is our EzGourmet Software.
  • Need more recipes? -Feel free to choose from the complete set of over 500 Add-on Electronic Cookbooks. Here are the EzGourmet Cookbooks,
  • New recipes are also part of R.A. Nagy's daily newsletter. Many are setting their browser's home page to the Daily Crumpet.
  • Finally, cooks of all ages enjoy our world-famous Cookbook Club. Feel free to join now - membership is still free!
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