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Free Electronic Cookbooks

Did you know that EzGourmet has a free version? -How about some free, electronic, EzGourment Cookbooks, too?

Today R.A has written yet another robot. This one designed to select a random EzGourmet Cookbook for you. The robot automatically updates this page for everyone, every-month.

So check back here soon -Le Cookbook Electronica, gratis selections will update monthly.

All complements of the fans of our recipes & the ever-growing Wiki Recipe Club!

Cookbook Management

Please note that these cookbooks are designed for use by our free Cookbook Management System (CMS.)

Known as EzGourmet, our official software will help you organize, search, email, collect, & manage these, and many more, recipes on your own computer.*

Of course, you can also purchase all of these wonderfull EzGourmet Add-on Cookbooks on a CD-ROM. By doing so, you will encourage us in our continued recipe collection efforts.

Cookbook Club

One way to keep up-to-date on our recipe collection & management efforts is to follow Club EzGourmet on Facebook.

-Many more cooking enthusiasts have also joined Club EzGourmet by signing up for the free club newsletter.

Nagy's Notes

Finally, note that kitchen-tested recipes, puzzles, quotes, inspiring artwork, and daily event-trivia are all part of R.A's free daily newsletter.

The Cookbook for this month is


'120 EzGourmet Cookbooks, Volume II (1202) '

View the recipe titles for this book.

Browse & Shop the complete collection.

Thanks for your support!

--R.A. Nagy

*Note: MS Windows emulation is required for use of our EzGourmet Software on Linux & OSX operating systems.